Building Twitter Presence With Semalt

Do you want to build a presence on social media especially Twitter? A solid foundation would surely take a lot of time and efforts, but Twitter is an exceptional and amazing platform to make that possible. You can establish your brand or increase your number of views by getting more and more connections and followers on Twitter. In this post, Artem Abgarian, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, is going to tell you how to get started with Twitter marketing.

Complete Your Profile

The very first thing you need to do is complete your Twitter profile. Let me here tell you that this is the first step to creating a brand and let the world know about your online and social media presence. Always keep in mind that Twitter lets its users include links to their profiles, so this is the golden opportunity for you to add your website link or affiliate programming links in your profile so that people can recognize you in a better way. Plus, you should add a professional-looking picture in your profile so that users can get an idea of who you are.

Connect with People in Your Niche

Once you have completed your profile, the next step is to connect with people in your industry or niche. To find who is related to your industry or field, you should check Twitter analytics and click the Followers button to take a look at the list of those individuals. Plus, you can manually look for people in Twitter search results and check their profiles before getting connected with them. An easy way to connect with influencers is by tagging them in your tweets almost daily. You should ask a number of questions and try your best to attract more and more people so that they come forward and answer your questions.

Determine the Best Times to Tweet

Based on the niche and locations of your followers, you can determine the best time for tweets. Try using a couple of Twitter tools to make it possible. For example, Twittersphere is a good tool that promises to provide you with the necessary information of when your followers are online and what's the best time for tweets.

Share Valuable Content

Twitter provides us with lots of options and content sharing ideas. You can get benefited from them to increase your number of views. It is very important to share valuable content and allow your followers some time to read and spread your content. Communicate with them once in a day and answer their questions, based on the content you have had shared on Twitter.

Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter chat is an option to communicate with others and organize your things. You should get benefited from it and increase your number of followers. TweetReports is an excellent and free-to-use Twitter chat option that helps you participate in social media chats. You can expand or narrow the list just to communicate with your followers and try to make them your fans.

With the above things in mind, you can get lots of Twitter followers and can increase your brand awareness to a great extent.